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Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast

Dec 19, 2019

This week Marty and Matt discuss:

- Bottle Pay shuts down rather than implement KYC per upcoming AMLD5 regulation 

- Binance Singapore allegedly flagging accounts that CoinJoin after withdrawal 

- Phoenix lightning wallet by ACINQ launches on Android 

- c-lightning 0.8.0 released 

- Wasabi Wallet V1.1.10 released 

- Coldcard firmware 3.0.6 released 

- Ronin UI for Samourai Dojo 

- Trace Mayer on CoinJoin usage

- BTCPay integration with M5Stack - cheap point of sale option

- Alex Gladstein in Coindesk, Quillette, Tor blog      

- Polo adds no KYC option 

- Direct deposits delayed nationwide due to Fed glitch

- NYTimes report on location tracking using phone apps

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