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Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast

Dec 27, 2019

This week Marty and Matt discuss:

- BitBox02 brute force vulnerability disclosed, update to firmware V5.0.0 asap (h/t @freedomisntsafe)   

- BLW on Android adds support for hosted channels 

- Argentina local bitcoins volume hits ATHs amid further capital controls 

- As expected CSW makes excuses ahead of "tulip trust" access date 

- Ethereum Co-Founder Jeffrey Wilcke dumps $11.5M worth of ETH from premine 

- The Venezuelan Petro update 

- HK Police freeze $9M raised by activists via Spark Alliance 

- Popular chat app ToTok removed from app store due to concerns it is a UAE spy tool 

- US gov issues warning to service members asking them not to use DNA testing services 

- @dergigi releases 21 Lessons book 

- Kiara Bickers (@kiarabickers) releases Bitcoin Clarity book 

- Proof of Keys next week

- John Newbery thread

- German gold capital controls

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