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Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast

Nov 29, 2021

Join Marty as he sits down with Patricia, a designer focused on bringing better experiences to Bitcoin, to discuss:

- Designing in an open source environment

- How bad design can turn people away

- Observing how users interact in ways one doesn't expect

- How to gather feedback on open source software design

- A call to...

Nov 24, 2021

This week Marty and Matt discuss:

- el salvador announces bitcoin city and a bitcoin bond

- US 'pauses' relations with el salvador

- OBJ to convert his entire yearly salary to bitcoin

- samsung to build $17B chip factory in texas

- fold partners with pokemon go creator niantic

- lnd v0.14.0-beta

- electrs v0.9.3


Nov 23, 2021


BLOCK: 711009

PRICE: 1752 sats per dollar

TOPICS: the future of mobile lightning wallets, federated chaumian ecash, el salvador experience, hosted channels, IMMORTAN, simple bitcoin wallet, lightning liquidity, private routing, user experience, better wallet names, jupiter has a lot of moons


Nov 22, 2021

Join Marty as he sits down with Matt Hill, co-founder of Start9 Labs, to discuss:

- EmbassyOS v0.3.0

- Lessons learned from v0.1.0 and v0.2.0

- Focusing on onboarding younger people

- Personal AI

- Philosophy

- Nihilism v. Optimism

- much more

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Nov 19, 2021

This week Marty and Matt discuss:

- taproot activates successfully at block 609732

- muun wallet adds taproot support 

- SEC rejects VanEck spot bitcoin etf 

- Perth Heat baseball team adopts the bitcoin standard 

- crypto dot com spends $700M to rename Staples Center for 20 years 

- tether announces new subsidiary...