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Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast

Jun 18, 2020

Join Marty and Matt as they discuss:

- Coldcard v3.1.6 firmware 

- Bisq v1.3.5 

- Tallycoin v2 

- Automated BIP39 recovery in Electrum 

- ASIC industry breakdown by bitmexresearch 

- Blockstream Esplora now bundles in a custom version of electrs

- PR to split the bitcoin core GUI 

- bitcoinqna releases explainer on coinjoin toxic change and dedicated full node comparison chart 

- Bitmex and OKCoin provide grant to Amiti Uttarwar 

- River Financial raises $5.7M 

- John Cantrell breaks Alistair Milne's engagement buying scheme 

- Rajarshi Maitra explains his journey contributing to bitcoin core 

- website launches

- a discussion about open source software

- Consensys partnering with major exchanges to help them stake ETH + Matt's thread

- Zoom will offer end to end encryption to all users 

- Capitalism doesn't exists 

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