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Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast

Nov 29, 2019

This week Marty and Matt discuss:

- Bitcoin Core 0.19.0 released -

- ColdCard firmware 3.0.5 released 

- Bakkt daily volume  -

- Bitmex research analyzes IBD -

Nov 26, 2019

Join Marty as he sits down with Chris Arnade, Author of Dignity: Seeking Respect in Back Row America, to discuss:

- Traveling through back row America

- Cognitive hubs and spatial redistribution

- Trading on Wall Street

- Connecting with "the other"

- Retribution as politics 

- The importance of community 

- much...

Nov 22, 2019

Join Marty as he sits down with Will Reeves, Founder of Fold, to discuss: 

- How Fold has grown from an app that allowed users to purchase pizza via LN to something much bigger

- Building a distributed team

- Building on a protocol that is changing and evolving

- Bridging the gap between non-technical users...

Nov 21, 2019

This week Marty & Matt discuss:

- BTCPay vault + BTCPay configurator &

- Five corporate sponsors for BTCPay now - Luna node and wallet of satoshi join

Nov 19, 2019

Join Marty and Matt as they sit down with Wiz and m52go from the Bisq project to discuss:

- The origins of Bisq

- How Bisq works

- Mining 

- Why KYC/AML does more harm than good

- Why privacy is important

- The Bisq DAO

- much more

Check out and download Bisq:

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