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Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast

Feb 18, 2022

This week Marty and Matt discuss:

- Canada uses "emergency powers" to target bank accounts, bitcoin, funding, and insurance of protestors 

- Bitcoin protest fundraiser voluntarily shuts down while they determine best way to distribute funds 

- Canadian RCMP issues blacklist notice for bitcoin addresses connected to protest 

- Apple patches zero day exploit, update your devices

- Biden expected to issue an executive order related to bitcoin regulation next week

- US Gov seizes $7B held by Afghan Central Bank

- secret unapproved cia data collection program exposed

- UN negotiating new "cybercrime" treaty

- GRIID, Argo, and Block to be first customers of intel mining chip

- ConocoPhillips selling previously flared nat gas to bitcoin miners

- Congressman Davidson introduces bill to protect private bitcoin usage 

- more info on bitfinex hack investigation released

- proposed US bill targets el salvadors bitcoin adoption 

- fbi to form new bitcoin surveillance and seizure focused unit 

- btcpayserver v.1.4.5:

- bitcoin-s v1.9.0

- galoy money v0.1.21

- lightning terminal v0.6.3-alpha

- mercury wallet v0.6.4

- nix bitcoin v0.0.66: 

- thoughts on cashapps lightning user flow 

- satsxsw hackathon announced, march 12th and 13th 

- fidelity launches bitcoin ETP in Europe, ticker FBTC 

- swan launches bitcoin canon education portal 

- coldcard announces $25K bounty for a react native nfc implementation 

- blockfi agrees to pay $100M fine to SEC 

- open source dashboard for asic prices