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Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast

Aug 20, 2020

This week Marty and Matt discuss:

- Ongoing bsv dust attack 

- OXT research alleged wasabi vulnerability 

- Strike adds cashback 

- Hash rate hits ATH then floods in Sichuan 

- Tor statement on recent exit node attacks 

- Tor proposal for possible DoS mitigations 

- allows you to easily fund Tor nodes

- BitMEX adding KYC 

- Specter v0.6.1 

- myNode v0.2.14 

- Zeus v0.3.1 

- BTCPay Server v1.0.5.5 

- Lily Wallet v1.0.0 

- lnd v0.11-beta 

- Schnorr explainer series by suredbits 

- Raspiblitz on bitcoinmagazine stream 

- Lancium sues Layer 1 

- BlockFi raises $50M, rumored valuation of $400M 

- Cryptovoices monetary base update 

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